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fiction, Hunt The Wolf

  Hunt The Scorpion

"A wave of attacks that leaves Americans dead across the planet is only a prelude to a far more ambitious campaign of terror in Mann and Pezzullo's rousing third Thomas Crocker thriller...They deliver exactly what fans want."
--Publishers Weekly

"A shoot'em-up novel contemporaneous with world politics . . . Action is the purpose here and Mann and Pezzullo deliver . . . They put the reader in the center of the action-the smells, sounds, savagery of war."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Reads like a Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child--fast and clean. But there's more military structure, more politics, and lots of action. HOOAH!"
--San Jose Mercury News

With Don Mann:

Hunt the Wolf, 6/12
Hunt the Scorpion, 12/12
Hunt the Falcon, 12/13
Hunt the Jackal, 5/14

Inside Seal Team Six, 8/12

nonfiction SEAL Team Six
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